Regelmäßige Updates zu Ihrem Fachgebiet?

Recently Oerlemans Plastics developed an new packaging named; TechnoBAR. TechnoBAR is an 7 layer barrier packaging and is gas proof.
During the packing, air is taken out of the bag and CO2 is being added. This ensures that germs stay out of the bag and the taste and smell is being preserved.
The material TechnoBAR ensures the needed stiffness in a packaging and has a luxurious look. The packaging can be produced with a v-bottom. With this bottom type, no material can stay in the bag. TechnoBAR can be printed 360˚ up to 10 colours beautiful photo printing.
With TechnoBAR you are ensured of an optimal shelf presentation and the best smell and taste experience of your product! This product can perfectly be used with food product and petfood.

More information about TechnoBAR? Please contact:
Oerlemans Plastics B.V.