Staying updated on the latest developments?
Staying updated on the latest developments?

Customised agricultural and horticultural film

Are you searching for a specific solution with which you can cultivate a good yield and that has an excellent level of processability? Oerlemans Plastics is the specialist in the production of agricultural and horticultural film.

Specialist in agricultural and horticultural film
Oerlemans Plastics is your specialist for agricultural and horticultural film. We are active in the horticulture sector, where we deliver customer-specific solutions for a multitude of companies in the Netherlands and overseas, for many years. What typifies us is our power to innovate, an eye for quality and excellent processability. Increase your yield per m2 with our film solutions.

A custom-made solution for your agricultural and horticultural film
We produce an extremely broad range of agricultural and horticultural film, from substrate film to salad bags, and from bio-film to CO2 tube. What are your wishes and quality requirements? We have an extensive range in stock, but of course we are happy to help you with customer-specific solutions.

For more information please contact Nick Uithoven or Tim Minnaard.