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Oerlemans Plastics has the following quality certificates:


Oerlemans Plastics is an organisation that has grown significantly in recent years. The actions that we have taken with regard to all possible aspects of social responsibility have made a particular contribution to this. In a changing world simply the delivery of a technically sound product is no longer a guarantee for the continuity of the business in the short or long term. This is why Oerlemans Plastics wishes to produce and supply in accordance with a complete quality system. We have been BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials certified since 2004.

An increasingly important portion of the sales are taking place in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials quality system is used in these sectors. This system contains procedures, work methods and hygiene regulations that enable us to produce and supply in accordance with quality and hygiene standards.

Our BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials quality system is audited by an external agency every year. The certificate earned is a guarantee for our customers that production is carried out in a responsible manner. Production in accordance with high quality standards has the highest priority in our company.