Staying updated on the latest developments?

Our modern printing department has 6 state-of-the-art printing machines. Approximately 2.5 million metres pass through the department every week. We use these machines to produce from simple line printing to full colour screen printing. We can create a full colour print with 4 colours. Our latest printing machine can print with 10 colours. This machine runs at 400-600m/min. A camera on the machine constantly monitors the printing process. In consultation with our R&D department we can use our printing machines to give the film a special coating immediately after printing. This can give the film a more glossy or matt look. A two-component paint can also be added that protects your prints against scratches and the effects of the weather.

At Oerlemans Plastics we work with reputable reprographers. We are the right partner for your printing requirements. We have experience with HD technology, NX technology and LUX technology. We are also familiar with thin sleeve technology. We have experience with working with polymer plates, traditional sleeves and thins sleeves. This also makes it possible for us to print seamlessly.