Staying updated on the latest developments?

At Oerlemans Plastics we produce we flexible film plastics. The film is blow in our extrusion department. Polyethylene granules are poured through a funnel into a cylinder and then heated. In the cylinder a revolving screw pushes the melted mass through an opening, after which the film is blown upwards as a balloon. After cooling, rollers squeeze the film flat and then into a double layer, after which the film is rolled up. The film is now ready for further processing.
Oerlemans Plastics has modern machinery, with 24 extruders. We can also produce coex film on a number of these machines. This is a film that consists of multiple layers. An example of this is film used to package potting compost. The interior of the plastics is often black because it must be air tight, and the interior is often white so that it can be printed on. This enables us to give the layers all kinds of properties. We can determine colour, thickness, roughness, smoothness, etc.

The people in our extrusion department work in three shifts and receive thorough internal training. Our technical service keeps the machinery up-to-date and problems are resolved quickly. This enables us to guarantee our quality.

Oerlemans Plastics is also more and more aware of the environmental consequences of the production of plastic. The unprinted film is recycled on our own regeneration line and converted back into polyethylene granules that can be used to produce more film. No granule is wasted at Oerlemans Plastics. This reduces the environmental burden and the production costs!