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Sustainable development is development that connects with the needs of today without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, according to the definition of the UN Brundtland commission in 1987. Sustainable entrepreneurship actually has an environmental background.

With the introduction of ISO 14001, the environmental management system, Oerlemans Plastics shows that it wishes to devote a great deal of attention to the environment. We are aware that there is a connection between our activities and the burden on the environment. This is why we wish to take the effort to limit this burden as much as possible.Within the companies of Oerlemans Packaging we all use renewable energy.

An important part of ISO 14001 is compliance with laws and regulations. This means that we work in accordance with permit regulations. Several examples of this are that we make effective use of our raw materials and energy. This is constantly monitored and action is taken where necessary. An annual report is drawn up on all environmental issues. We strive to minimise the use of environmentally unfriendly substances as much as possible. The safety standards for these substances are also followed meticulously.

Oerlemans Plastics has been ISO 14001  certified since 2007.

Corporate Social Responsibility according to ISO26000.

Oerlemans Plastics is also certified by EcoVadis. EcoVadis is a cooperation of leading companies which give sustainability high priority. EcoVadis aims at improving the environment and social practices of companies by using the influence of worldwide supply chains. EcoVadis examines the grade of sustainability whithin a company. You can achieve three ratings: bronze, silver and gold. Would you like to know more about EcoVadis, please contact us. For more information you can also read the blog of Jan Wessemius.