Shrink film

PE shrink film is customized for any product application and any desired property. Possible up to 500 mu and 10 meters wide.


PE shrink film is applied over or around the material to be packaged and is suitable for automated packing lines. A heat source such as a heated tunnel, oven or shrink gun shrinks the film until the desired surface tension is reached. A Top shrink quality has been developed especially for the shrink film market. Using special high-quality raw materials, thickness reduction of up to 25% is possible compared to regular LDPE shrink film. Shrink film is customized with the desired properties.


  • chemical industry
  • roof elements and prefab industry
  • beverage and food industry
  • wood, metal and glass industry
  • furniture industry
  • paper and cardboard industry
  • stone, salt, glass wool and rock wool industry

Technical specifications

material Polyethylene
quality monoaxial
quality biaxial
shrink quality specific shrink ratio
shrink quality resistant to hole formation during shrinking
features very high mechanical and physical properties both for manual and automatic shrinking installations
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