Paper block bottom bags

Pack your products in a paper block bottom bag with a natural look. Available in sturdy white or brown kraft paper.

Top sheets

Packaging with a natural look

Paper block bottom bags made of sturdy brown or white kraft paper. These bags are available in various sizes and, if required, custom printed up to 8 colours. They have a sturdy block bottom, allowing the bags to remain upright and be easily filled and transported.


  • retail
  • food industry
  • non food industry

Technical specifications

materials include 100% paper
properties bleached or unbleached kraft paper
printing to 8 colours
width dimension 250 mm to 450 mm
weight 40 – 140 grams paper, depending on application
minimum order size 10.000 pieces
Theo Thuisman Sales manager


M. +31 (0) 6-21891254


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