Staying updated on the latest developments?
Staying updated on the latest developments?

Packaging and specialised Wholesale
Are you searching for a specific solution with which you save costs and/or generate a higher yield? Oerlemans Plastics supplies an extremely broad range of flexible plastic plastics for the plastics wholesale sector. More than 300 products can be supplied from stock, such as harmonica bags, deep-freeze bags, flat bags, sheets, film, tubular film and carrier bags.

Specialist in plastic pakaging and films
Oerlemans Plastics is your specialist for plastic plastics. What typifies us is our power to innovate, an eye for quality, flexibility and presentation. We supply customised plastics on the basis of your requirements and wishes.

A custom-made solution for your plastics and specialised Wholesale
We make plastic plastics for plastics and specialised wholesale in all types en sizes, from fruit and vegetable plastics to carrier bags. What are your wishes and quality requirements? We are happy to help you with a customised solution.

Oerlemans Plastics supplies from stock, but Oerlemans Plastics also develops and produces customer-specific products. We can give your film or plastics the desired presentation with the use of 10 colour Flexo printing. Do you have a specific plastics question or are you searching for a plastics solution? Please contact Edwin de Vries.